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Title 24 California Part 6 Compliance

Title 24 - making California more green!

California was the first state to create and implement the minimum energy standards in 1974.  These requirements have continued to expand broadly into residential and commercial building techniques (and will be changing again, becoming even stricter, as of January 2020) as well as creating oversight around the internal systems of a building (mechanical and plumbing).  They are a set of requirements for energy conservation, green design and building construction as well as for fire & life safety. 

emeraldECO will assess what compliance requirements apply to your home or business (Title 24, CALGreen, GreenPoint) depending on the whether it is a remodel or new construction as well as work directly with your city's Building & Planning departments to determine which policies apply to your project. 

We will carefully analyze the project plans to determine if they meet California's Energy Code threshold and will make recommendations if they do not comply at the outset.  The final deliverable will be an accurate CF1R document ready for permit submittal (if it needs to be registered, we will take care of this for our clients).

Many Title 24 analysts will choose default values for energy-related items and then rely on the option of selecting several "special inspections" to get the Title 24 to pass.  While this may lower the initial cost of receiving the Title 24 document, it will ultimately result in several outside inspectors having to come onsite during the course of the construction (at the homeowner's expense!).  It also almost *always* means that that newly constructed house, once complete, may not meet the expectations of the homeowner - too cold during the winter, too warm during the summer and expensive energy bills. 

emeraldECO takes a different, more personalized approach: we come up with highly innovative and affordable energy solutions that ensure your project meets California's standards, but most importantly, ensure you are delighted with your investment.  We take a high-touch approach that our clients share is well worth it in the end! 


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