Net Zero Energy Homes

emeraldECO = Energy Efficiency Consultants


Who are we?

  • emeraldECO is a team of energy design professionals - we focus on Zero Net Energy Homes and Passive House, in addition to Title 24 analysis, CALGreen & GreenPoint. How many times have you said: 'my house is too cold, my house is too hot, my electricity bill is ridiculous every month'?  This is what many clients are asking themselves when they reach out to us.  We take complex problems and provide creative solutions that are rooted in environmentally sustainable methods that leverage technology and new construction techniques.   

  • We are experts on energy use and are licensed contractors who focus on the green elements of construction - both high efficiency homes as well as net-zero homes (homes that produce as much energy as they consume resulting in nearly $0 energy bills).  

  • We understand intimately how houses are built and know how they could be built to be more sustainable for the next generation. We also know how to comply with San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Altos Hills, Los Gatos, Sam Jose, San Carlos as well as the surrounding areas for CALGreen, GreenPoint and Title 24 California energy code requirements.   

  • In fact, we believe so strongly in making our homes and immediate environment more "green" that we are also partnering with the non-profit Rebuilding Together - Peninsula for low-income home improvements primarily in East Palo Alto. 

  • Energy Consulting, Energy Efficiency, Radiant Heating, Solar Power, HVAC system guidance, Gray Water.


Why choose emeraldECO?

Do you need a GreenPoint Rater or a CALGreen inspector for your remodel or a Title 24 analysis completed?  Or are you interested in an energy efficiency consultant who can help design solar arrays, help you make sense of whether radiant floor heating is better than traditional heating mechanisms or how a grey water systems works?  Do you want to make your business or home more green (and cheaper to operate)?  

We are:

Certified Energy Analyst

Certified GreenPoint Rater (New Homes, Existing Homes)

ICC CALGreen Special Inspector / Plans Examiner 

Certified Green Building Professional 

Palo Alto Green Building Special  Inspector 

Licensed Contractor

Member: Build It Green 

Member: CBPCA [California Building Performance Contractors Association] 

Member: CABEC [California Association of Building Energy Consultants] 


A little about me!


As a computer scientist with an engineering background who is solely focused on green energy, I am committed to creating a more sustainable environment for ourselves and our children.  I can help you achieve your goals to “green” your life with best-in-class, practical recommendations as well as conduct Green Building inspections.   My clients have referred to me as the consummate problem solver and I want to use my  technical abilities as a computer scientist and project manager to de-carbonize our buildings.

Why do people care about this? Because it saves them money in managing their monthly costs, it makes their homes more comfortable to live in and it has a very important tertiary effect which is that it improves our environment by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions!

Over the last fifteen years, I have been extremely focused on reducing my own family’s energy consumption. In late 2001, I began fueling my cars with recycled vegetable oil; from that success, I designed and built a small-scale biodiesel processing system and we stopped visiting gas stations for about ten years.  Now, I drive an electric car which is powered by our solar array and we live in a True Net-Zero home.  We push more energy on to the grid than we consume. 


From this passion, grew emeraldECO.  I knew that I could help others, particularly architects, contractors & equally passionate home owners prepare for the future.  I left my job in IT at Bank of America and became a licensed contractor while doubling up on  green building techniques in order to become a certified Green Building inspector and designer. 

No matter what your focus, if you are looking for Green Building Expertise, please call 415 515 2405!